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Bluefield Job Fair

For almost 3 decades, Bluefield State College, there is a job fair for the community to explore opportunities available right in their back yard. This years event brought more than 100 companies to the area. Senator Joe Manchin was at the event yesterday, and believes these kinds of fairs are the key to helping West Virginia grow, and move forward in the 21st century. He even told those at the job fair that all they needed to do to receive help is just ask his office.

Allergies in Greenbrier

It’s so pretty right now, with the flowers bright and pretty, but for those who suffer with allergies, it leaves them itchy and uncomfortable. A high tree pollen count in Greenbrier County is making springtime an uncomfortable season for many. Dr. White is an allergist at Greenbrier Allergy & Audiology. He says there’s no known reason as to why some people suffer from allergies while others don’t. Pharmacists recommend antihistamines and nasal steroids. He says coughing and body aches are signs of a cold whereas itchy, watery eyes are usually signs of allergies.


Crews are battling several wildfires in Buchanan County. Aaron Rosenbalm with the Virginia Department of Forestry says between 6 and 8 wildfires are burning in various parts of the county. He says most of the fires are concentrated near Big Rock, Pawpaw and Hurley, and that high winds are making it difficult to contain fires. It is illegal to burn before 4:00 pm in Virginia, but Rosenbalm says because of the dry and windy conditions, it is not a good day to burn regardless of time.

Meth Busts

Meth busts are happening more and more in Greenbrier County, but what happens after they find the people responsible for the lab? Wayne Pennington is the Lewisburg Fire Chief, and he’s usually on the scene shortly after law enforcement, with the Lewisburg Technical Services Unit, to clean up the meth cooks who created the mess. “The people are stripped down, their personal effects are placed in a bag that becomes a hazardous material, they don’t get anything that goes in the bag and it’s all thrown away. Jewelry, clothing, etc. Then they pretty much wash themselves inside of a tent,” says Pennington.

Rainelle sidewalk project

The town of Rainelle has a sidewalk project in their sights. They really want to get kids and their families to be more active. Broken, uneven, and dilapidated sidewalks have been a hazard for Rainelle’s walking community. After gathering grant money over the past four years, Rainelle now has enough to start its sidewalk project. The project costs 230-thousand dollars. In about 20 days, workers will have more than three miles of sidewalks completed. Ramps, signage and crosswalks will be added near the elementary school. About 50 elementary students participate in the Safe Routes to School Walking Program.

Bluefield City Park

A new storage building has been constructed inside the Bluefield City Park. The new 60×80 ft. building will house the more than 720,000 lights and decorations used for the annual Holiday of Lights. The city also took part in the “Love Where You Live, Keep Mercer County Clean Campaign” recently. Employees and volunteers spent the day cleaning up the East River Mountain Overlook area. On April 22nd, city workers and volunteers will be working to cleanup neighborhood playgrounds throughout the city.

Alcohol on Sundays past 1 pm

Currently, you can’t order an alcoholic beverage on Sunday in West Virginia unless it’s past one, but that could be changing. A proposal was signed in Charleston that now allows each county to decide if local restaurants, distilleries and wineries can serve alcohol as early as 10 a.m. on Sunday. Commissioner Rose says he doesn’t think it’s the right move for Greenbrier County, but he does see the advantages for bigger populations.
A bill that would have made the change statewide has failed in recent years. This is the first time counties can make the change themselves.

Students learning about government

As campaign signs continue popping up in Greenbrier County, local students are wondering how it all works.
8th grade students at Western Greenbrier Middle School learned about government today from a local Ronceverte resident, and candidate. Stephen Baldwin is running for the House of Delegates in the 42nd district of West Virginia. He spoke to the 8th grade class and answered their questions. In just a few, short years, they will be able to vote. And I want them to understand that government is something you need to follow in the newspapers, on television, you need to make your own decisions about candidates, and not necessarily listen to what other people are telling you about them,” said Suzanna Pomeroy, West Virginia Studies teacher. The students recently studied national, state and local government in class.

Oak Hill Cliff Death

A man is dead after falling off of a cliff in Oak Hill. According to Oak Hill Police Chief Mike Whisman, it happened on Sunday on a cliff overlooking Minden Road in Oak Hill. Chief Whisman said the overlook is adjacent to the Minden Sewer Plant. At this point, Chief Whisman said the fall appears to be accidental, but Oak Hill Police officers are still investigating.

Dunn wants new trial

A man who says he killed his stepfather and tried to kill his mother so he wouldn’t have to tell them he’d lied about graduating from college is asking to have his conviction overturned. Donald Dunn was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the death of his stepfather, Mark McDermott, and the attempted murder of his mother Johanna. He says he didn’t get a fair trial.