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Workers Walking Their Way To Health

They employ a couple hundred health care professionals and now top brass at Access Health are offing up a fitness challenge of sorts. The Beckley-based company is telling workers that if they stay fit for six months, they’ll be entered into a trip to Disneyworld, plus other prizes. They’ll measure progress with footprints and whomever can reach the amount of steps it would take to get to Disneyworld will be in the mix for the prize. Already the company says it’s seen improvement in health, both physically and emotionally.

Capito: People Are Worried About Health Care

West Virginia’s Republican U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito says she heard from thousands of constituents concerned about their future health care in deciding she couldn’t support the Senate GOP leadership’s proposed overhaul.
She says most affecting are personal stories showing the impact of policy decisions.
She says health care “is a very personal thing and people have very deep feelings about it.”
Many people have told her how the Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act gave them or loved ones access to treatment for cancer or long-term health problems.

Greenbrier County Man Sentenced In Stepdaughter’s Death

10 years behind bars for a Greenbrier County man w convicted of voluntary manslaughter in the death of his stepdaughter. Larry Hoke was sent to the Division of Corrections immediately after his hearing. He had been accused of shooting his stepdaughter, Glenda Hull, during a domestic dispute that happened on October 7th last year. A call indicated a number of shots were fired, and Hull, who was 31-years-old at the time, was dead by the time police got to the scene of the shooting on Route 92.

State To Get Federal Funds To Treat Black Lung

West Virginia’s U.S. senators say the state will get almost $1.3 million in federal funding for its clinics program to treat black lung disease that afflicts thousands of coal miners who inhaled dust from the rock and coal.
According to West Virginia’s health commissioner Dr. Rahul Gupta, more than 7,900 residents get services from nine clinics across the state. He says the additional resources from the federal Department of Health and Human Resources help ensure those affected continue to have access to treatment and better quality of life.
Sen. Joe Manchin says every miner who suffers from it should get the best possible medical care.

Opioid Awareness Toolkit Unveiled In Greenbrier County

The Greenbrier County CARxE Coalition has unveiled its Prescription Opioid and Heroin Awareness Toolkit at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. At an event Tuesday evening, participants also heard from people affected by the opioid epidemic. The coalition is made up of people ranging from business leaders to lawmakers to community members. Their collective mission is to  curb the effect prescription drugs have on the community.

October Referendum On Infrastructure Repair And Rebuild

West Virginians will vote Oct. 7 on Gov. Jim Justice’s plan to issue bonds to support about $3 billion in projects to repair and rebuild state highways and bridges. Justice says he believes it will pass and would be “a terrible mistake” for people to not want better roads, thousands of jobs and the economic boost he says the state needs and would get.

Capito Says No To Senate Health Care Bill

West Virginia’s Republican U.S. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito has announced that she can’t support the Senate’s health care overhaul. She released that statement after Republican leaders postponed a vote until at least next month. She said the bill as currently drafted by GOP leaders won’t ensure access to affordable health care in West Virginia, doesn’t do enough to fight the opioid epidemic, cuts traditional Medicaid too deeply and harms rural health care providers.

Justice Orders Flags At Half Staff In Tribute To Delegate

Gov. Jim Justice has ordered that state flags be lowered Tuesday on state buildings at the West Virginia Capitol and in Monroe County, home of former Delegate Mary Pearl Compton. Groves Funeral Home says Compton died Wednesday in Fairlea after a long illness. She was 86.

How Coal Miners’ Exposure To Coal Dust Is Controlled

A committee looking at how decisions are reached on controlling coal miners’ exposure to coal dust will meet this week in West Virginia. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine committee is assessing the effectiveness of monitoring and sampling approaches used to make the decisions. The committee is holding its fourth public meeting Thursday.

Person Drowns In Alderson

Still no ID on the person who drowned in Alderson Saturday. EMS was called to Mini Park at about 2pm. No word on the circumstances that played into the accident but the event remains under investigation by Alderson Police.