Grant And Loan Money Coming For Lewisburg Water Systems

Congresswoman Carol Miller (R-WV) announced today a grant, totaling $3,684,000, and a loan, totaling $33,834,000, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to the City of Lewisburg. This Rural Development investment will be used to improve the city’s water systems and benefit 4,194 residential customers, 611 commercial customers, and 104 public authority and industrial users. The improvements include a new water intake structure, upgrading the existing treatment plant, and providing two new water storage tanks. The raw water intake will be relocated 2 miles away from the auto salvage yard and the county landfill, which both drain into the Greenbrier River, in order to avoid any pollution that could enter the treatment plant. This move will ensure the health and safety of the customers.